Aromatherapy Massage
Full Body
Aromatherapy Massage
Back Only
Hot Stone Massage
Full Body


Reflexology is the practice of focused pressure technique directed at the feet. By manipulating zones and reflexes on the feet that correspond to all parts and glands of the body. Reflexology removes stress, enhances circulation and allows the body to heal naturally.

60 Min Session
feet only
90 Min Session
feet, hands, arms, shoulder, neck, & head massage
90 Min Session
feet, half hour back massage, hot towels
Hot Stones Massage

Holistic Treatments

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Consistently maintining a high level of service,

it is my goal to make sure all of my clients are aesthetically pleased. I love what I do, and would like to thank all existing clients for your devotion, and look forward to meeting and welcoming new ones.

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